Uninvited proselytism usually doesn’t end well.

Seventeenth century Portuguese attempts at coloniolisation via infrastructure; didn't really take off.

Ethiopia was famously the only part of Africa to resist European colonisation (with the exception of brief Italian and British occupations during the 1930s and 1940s). The Portuguese did have a go in the 17th century when some Jesuits stopped by the Emperor Za-Dengel and suggested how nice it might be if he and his subjects converted to Catholicism, and incidently, here are some soldiers to help with your armed raider problem on your eastern borders. This went about as well as these sort of arragements usually do (civil war, coup d’etat, thousands dead) and ended up with all foreigners being banned from Ethiopia for the next 150 years. So not a resoundingly positive result for anyone, but the Portuguese did leave this very nice bridge for anyone wishing to cross the Blue Nile near Bahir Dar.


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