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Slideshows: like photo posts but with even less effort (now with added architectural commentary! If you want to know the difference between a chedi, a prang and a stupa, then this is the slideshow for you)! Like Ayutthaya, Sukhothai is another capital of an old Thai kingdom (the Thai aristrocracy throughout the ages seem to have treated rearranging the site of their capital as a kind of hobby) up in the northwest of the country. It is in a way much more pleasant than Ayutthaya (which eventually replaced it – Sukhothai is much older) because the ruins are scattered across a huge park, and you can rent a bicycle and meander around the eight-hundred-year-old ruins at your leisure. While the central ruins are reasonably full of tourists, if you end up at the ones slightly further afield, you have yourslef and the chedis and the prangs to yourself, except in one case for a huge gang of ladies with motorcycles who were hanging out in the shade of a handy stupa and doing each other’s hair. And why not.


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