Carpet appreciation post

I do not have the words to explain how much I love these.

Shyrdaks are Kyrgyz felt carpets, traditionally found adorning the walls and floors of yurts. As you can perhaps tell, the designers are fairly unconfined by any notions of matching colours or taste, so the dilemma for the discerning shyrdak shopper is whether to spend hours (days) hunting for a vaguely tasteful specimen that might fit into some pre-exisiting colour-scheme at home, or just embrace the madness and go for purple-and-orange piece that carries a risk of seizures if you look at it for too long. If I had my own house they would be my floor-covering of choice in every room.


The hard sell.

Selling suzanis in the Tilla-Kari Medrassa in Samarkand.

This guy spent the best part of an hour explaining the symbolism of the various designs in his suzanis, which are made by embroidering silk patterns on cotton, and were traditionally made by Uzbek brides as part of their dowry. Not sure how authentic these ones are, but they’re gorgeous anyway!